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What is Familia?

Familia (coined from the words: Family Life Apostolate) derives its inspiration, vision and mission from Pope John Paul II's exhortation on the role of Christian family in the modern world - Familiaris Consortio.

Familia is a family life movement dedicated to bring about Christian renewal and strengthening of families in the modem world by establishing parish-based Christian communities.

These communities are run and led by lay people and envisioned to become servant communities operating in and serving the parishes where its members belong. A common vision, mission and covenant link these individual communities to one another.

Familia Mission


Familia Community was formed as a response to the call of Pope John Paul II in the Familiaris Consortio.

"The family’s mission corresponds to its nature: it is called to become ever more a community of life and love."

God’s loving arms are wide open and waiting for us to come to Him to receive His love and share this love to others.

Familia Vision


Living the life of an empowered Christian family and sharing this life to other families. By giving and offering our families to the mission, FAMILIA dreams of seeing communities everywhere touching the lives of other families. Families who have experienced the love of God, joyfully and passionately reaching out to other families and sharing God’s love to them.

Familia Leadership

Familia Ministries

Familia Couples
Leading husband and wife to learn about God’s design for the family.
To a better appreciation of their roles as parents/head of the family and their relationship with each other.
Women of Wisdom leading matured women to find their place in their extended families and in the community includes helping women to bring their husband and family to a friendship with Jesus.
Familia Singles
Bringing the singles and young professionals back to God and guiding them to prepare, discern and discover God's will for their lives.