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Hosting the Familia Event of the Year

Familia 23rd Anniversary – Reach Out! Bring Families Closer to God

Bright lights of different colors shine through the stage.

Loud sounds of worship songs play in the background of the huge arena where more than 3000 people from different places all over of the country gathered to celebrate Familia’s 23rd anniversary. Familia colors representing the different sectors and mission areas decorated the entire space. Beautiful.

I can see the smiles on their faces. I know that about half of them are tired from a very long trip coming from far away places from north to south - Ilocos Norte, Samar, Davao and Cagayan De Oro City. It was unbelievable!

I see a group of young adults giving warm welcome greetingsto every participant with excitement and energy. Organizers from the south sector running back and forth from the stage to the tech booth to make sure everything is settled before the program starts.

I fixed the collar of my blue polo and checked the time in my watch – it’s 12:55pm.

“Brothers and Sisters, please settle down, the program will start in a few minutes.” I announced with my deep voice.

I took a peak from the backstage to see if the people are ready…and then the voice over announced:

“Brothers and Sisters, let us welcome on stage our hosts, Zach Pe and Nicole San Juan!!”

Nicole and I entered the stage with huge smiles in our faces,

“Good afternoon brothers and sisters! My name is Zach!”

“And my name is Nicole,”

“And welcome to Familia’s 23rd Anniversary! REACH OUT and bring families closer to God!” We greeted the audience with full energy! And that was the official start of Familia’s 23rd Anniversary Celebration!

Hosting the biggest event of the year for our community was an amazing experience. I can still remember the days when I was just a little boy when my parents used to take me to the Familia Anniversary. I was just part of the audience, watching, and waiting for the program to end. But today, I couldn’t believe that I would now be hosting this event!

Being on stage and hosting the 23rd anniversary opened my eyes to a different view of the Familia event. It was amazing. It was very special. Not just for me. But for the Familia members in the gallery. It only happens once a year, but the magic that is planted in the hearts of the members lasts for a long time.I felt the fire, the energy in the enthusiastic participation of the brothers and sisters as were teaching them our chant to the tune of We Will Rock You.

“We will, we will, Reach Out! Reach out! We will, we will, Reach out! Reach out!” Loud voices shout out this chant as we declare our commitment to reach out to more families and bring them closer to God!

Looking at them from the stage gave me chills and goose bumps. Everything that happened that day was magical!

One of the most memorable parts of the program was the praise and worship. It really moves me to see the brethren worship God together, in unison, as one BIG Familia family. The song numbers and the group poem presentation were really well executed! Surely, a lot of hours were spent in preparation for these. But whatI find really special was the live sharings from the Familia members. I was touched to hear different stories of how their lives was changed by God thru Familia.

It was amazing! After the praise and worship, loud music was played and when the lights turned on, the Familia Young Adults led a flash mob style dancing!

What a great way to shift the energy. Just after all the singing, it’s now time to dance for God! Familia just won’t stop worshipping God. It was such an honor to be part of that experience.

But if there’s one thing I learned from all that transpired in that event, it’s this:

Familia brings you home to the presence of God.

In my 21 years of existence, the community has seen me grow up and I’ve seen Familia grow, too. Familia Community is officially 23 years old! And for the last 23 years, I believe, many lives have been changed; people have been inspired to become the best version of themselves, and a lot of people found their home in Jesus.

What makes our anniversary celebration great? It’s not just the amazing performances; not the fantastic sound system; not the wonderful voices of the singers that made the event successful. It was the heart of each and every person that makes every Familia event successful, for they are instruments, and channels of God’s love to the universe. They give hope to people who are lost, they give joy to hearts that are lonely, and they are the family that makes everyone feel God’s loving presence.

Familia, 23 years of giving, of embracing, and of loving.

23 years of family.

Happy Anniversary Familia!

Reach Out! Bring Families Closer to God!

“Once again I’m Zach Pe, and this has been Familia 23rd Anniversary, Reach out! And bring families closer to God! See you next year!”