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Like Christ, Ting Manese, A man of wit and Wisdom

Ting said, “Ang isang Kristyano ay talagang tunay na masaya.” “We are called to be modern day heroes, modern day saints “ “Saints are ordinary people. Saints are people who love God. They do ordinary things extraordinarily well” .

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NEW Mission and Vision

From the very beginning, Familia has always kept its ears open to the leadings of the Holy Spirit especially thru the Vicar of Christ, the Pope. Pope Francis reminds us that for the sake of transmitting to the people of today the Gospel message in its unchanging meaning, we should be open to the renewal of the forms of communicating it. Times are changing and we thought it best to “re-word” our mission and vision statements to make it clearer, simpler, more direct and fit for the people of today especially the younger generation. In a similar fashion, we believe that our original mission and vision remain the same and remains to be part of our end goal. But we need to fine-tune it and allow it to resonate in us and to all families everywhere.

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Biyernes na naman. Thank God its Friday! Excited kami! Isa-isa kaming magdadatingan galing sa biyaheng malapit at malayo. May galing sa bahay, may galing sa trabaho. Kumustahan. Tawanan. May konting biruan. Kasunod nito, katahimikan. Tapos praise and worship! Masayang kainan na may katahimikan habang ninanamnam at pinupuri ang minsa’y simple nguni’t masarap ang pinagsasaluhan. Tapos, tawanan ulit. Malakas, masaya. Sharing inspired by God’s word and our encounters with the Lord! Seryoso pero marami pa ring tawanan. As we share, we encourage one another.

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Hosting the Familia Event of the Year

Familia 23rd Anniversary – Reach Out! Bring Families Closer to God

Bright lights of different colors shine through the stage. Loud sounds of worship songs play in the background of the huge arena where more than 3000 people from different places all over of the country gathered to celebrate Familia’s 23rd anniversary. Familia colors representing the different sectors and mission areas decorated the entire space. Beautiful.

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