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From the very beginning, Familia has always kept its ears open to the leadings of the Holy Spirit especially thru the Vicar of Christ, the Pope.

Pope Francis reminds us that for the sake of transmitting to the people of today the Gospel message in its unchanging meaning, we should be open to the renewal of the forms of communicating it. Times are changing and we thought it best to "re-word" our mission and vision statements to make it clearer, simpler, more direct and fit for the people of today especially the younger generation.

In a similar fashion, we believe that our original mission and vision remain the same and remains to be part of our end goal. But we need to fine-tune it and allow it to resonate in us and to all families everywhere.

"Bring More Families to God" – espouses that very character. It is a simple, down to earth, and more personal way of articulating God's plan for the families which is for the Family to be in unity with God.

We feel that to make it even more laser-focused, we can add "Our Mission. Our Passion." Because makes the statement more purposeful, more single-minded. It becomes a commitment and a rallying point to respond and act on our calling to bring more families to God.

"Communities of Empowered Catholic Families Passionately Witnessing Everywhere" - is the dream of Familia. A dream we believe was planted by God in our heart. It is gives us the reason why we do what we do.

This is the HOW of the "Bring More Families to God" – by witnessing to other families using the best Gospel of all – how we live our lives as Individuals, as Families , as Community.

Adding "EVERYWHERE" is our response to the Lord's challenge to go farther, "cast our net deeper" , to look outside our circle of friends and family, to witness and share the love of God with the least, the last and the lost ... to fight under God's army. Many will willingly come to Him, if only someone will reach out to them with love. This also implies witnessing to EVERYONE . This is Big and Bold , reciprocating the unlimited and boundless grace and power bestowed to us by the Father through Jesus and the Holy Spirit to draw more families to Him.