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FAMILIA COMMUNITY is dedicated to bring back more families to God's plan.

We want help families experience and receive God's love.

We want to bless families by helping them to build strong relationships borne out of a personal relationship of each family member with Jesus.

Come and journey with us.

Familia Community Quick Facts

  1. Inspired by Pope John Paul II's encyclical: Familiaris Consortio
  2. Established in July 1993 led by Bro. Vic Gutierrez
  3. The very first prayer meeting held at the Ateneo multi-purpose hall was attended by about 600 people. A rainbow appeared in the sky that day –- We took it as a sign of God's anointing. The Familia logo was first presented in this gathering.
  4. Today, Familia has grown to 11000 members as of 2016.
  5. Almost 4000 are in Metro-Manila and 7000 in the provinces.
  1. Recognized in 23 dioceses and in Milan, Italy.
  2. Present in 120 Parishes
  3. Partners in Mission are LNP, BCP & CFC
  4. 5Rs as Pillars of Familia: Relationship with God, Relationship with Family, Relationship with Community, Renewal of Self and Reaching Out to others.
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Message from the Executive Director